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Services range from $120-$175 depending on the session type and/or duration. Extended sessions are offered for individuals in high conflict, coming from out of state, or anyone who desires less frequent visits or longer visits. Please discuss details with your therapist if extended sessions are desired.

Please note: Not all providers are in the network with insurance. However, if your insurance is not in network but you chose to engage in therapy, you may request a monthly superbill for you to submit your sessions to your insurance as out-of-network services. You may want to check with your insurance carrier as they may reimburse for out-of-network providers.

We understand that the use of insurance makes psychotherapy more accessible, however, it can be beneficial to self-pay for a number of reasons.  


  • When you see a therapist as self-pay, your therapist has the ability to work with you on determining a proper diagnosis over the first several sessions rather than needing to submit a diagnosis to insurance companies for the first session. This is also beneficial for individuals where their diagnosis is pertinent to and/or can affect their job, employment, or parental status.   

  • In couples and family work, we will have the ability to treat the couple/family from a unit perspective rather than needing to designate an "identified client" in sessions with more than one individual.

  • Insurance companies have the right to all notes, treatment plans, etc. Therapy is a very personal experience and many clients do not like (or even fear) the concept of insurance carriers reading through notes and learning about their personal lives to make a designation of whether therapy is "medically necessary." Personal challenges such as high conflict in relationships, sexual dysfunction, sexual pain, substance abuse, etc can be very traumatic and personal, and we want to protect our clients as much as possible to earn trust so therapy can be healing.

Please contact us with any additional questions.  If you are not able to afford therapy or you need to utilize insurance plans that are not in network with any therapists at Love Therapy, please feel free to contact us for additional resources in finding a therapist as your therapy journey, whether with us or elsewhere, is very important!

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