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Elizabeth (Liz) Casey, LMFT, CST

As a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, and AASECT Certified Sex Therapist I have the ability to guide individuals, couples, and families through conflict. In therapy, I combine your narrative and perception, with a solution-minded focus, to achieve your goals. I have a special interest in collaborating with individuals and couples looking to increase emotional connection within themselves, as well as in their relationships. I work with individuals in minimizing anxiety around dating and intimacy.  I also collaborate with individuals who find they are empowered by making a life choice to enjoy and embrace remaining single. I have developed a niche with individuals and couples who may be navigating the challenges of postpartum depression, changing couple/family dynamics due to medical conditions, and the occurrence of affairs.  I believe our perceptions can sometimes increase our limitations toward finding happiness and peace of mind. Changing and expanding your perceptions can release limitations, in addition to opening up new and exciting possibilities that you never realized you were capable of. 


Specialized Skills:

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Loss of desire

  • Discrepancies in desire between couples

  • Obsessive sexual behavior (sometimes called sexual addiction)

  • Erection or ejaculation difficulties

  • Challenges with gender identity

  • Issues pertaining to sexual identity and sexual orientation

  • Polyamory / Open Relationships

  • Challenges around orgasm

  • Sexual pain for men and women

  • Sexuality and chronic illness

  • Sexuality and physical ability

  • Trauma-Informed

  • Sexual Abuse 

(Note: We do not work with sexual offenders. Please refer to for providers)

Additional Resources

Individuals listed below are not affiliated with Love Therapy, however we partner in collaborative care often. Please feel free to reach out to them for therapy or additional resources.

Chris Carson, LMFT
Owner of Chris Carson, LLC

I utilize a collaborative experiential-focused approach. I believe you are the expert in your life and are interested in personal growth. I am trained in Basic Accelerated Resolution Therapy used to heal past trauma and emotional wounds that present current challenges to your well-being. I am also trained to explore spirituality and meaning-making with clients.

Life’s struggles are real and impact us where we least expect them. Small adjustments in your life along with self-compassion can create monumental change. Therefore, I will encourage you to establish goals that develop authenticity toward yourself and strengthen emotional bonds with others. I would feel privileged to join you on this part of your journey.

Image by Han Chenxu

Specialized Skills:

  • Trauma

  • Life Transition (Retirement, Job Change, Aging Parents, Launching Adult Children)

  • End of Life / Hospice

  • Couples Therapy

  • Intimacy / Connection​

  • Anxiety

  • Depression

  • Loss of desire

  • Discrepancies in desire between couples

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